Rescue 15 Faisalabad

In light of the terrorist attack in Peshawar, schools and other educational institutes in Faisalabad will be getting a Rescue 15 Panic Alert Android Application.

The app has been developed by Safe City Project, Pakistan Team for the quick and rapid mobilization of police in case of emergency.

The app isn’t available on Google Play; instead, it will be manually installed on smartphones via a request by the learning institute administration. Upon pressing the panic button, the app will send an alert to 7 different locations and police forces will be mobilized accordingly.

To get the app for your institute, administrators should go the Faisalabad police website and download panic switch forms 1 and 2.  Alternatively, the Rescue 15 Faisalabad division can be contacted to get the forms. The completed forms and the Android smartphones on which the app should be installed should be brought to Rescue 15 City Faisalabad.

The service is already live in Faisalabad and will be launched in Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad soon.

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Educational Institutes in Faisalabad to Get Free Panic Alert App